Word Tiles T-Shirts

Do you love Scrabble or know someone who does? Why not create a t shirt with a message out of word tiles just like the ubiquitous word game?

Our word tile t shirts make perfect gifts for any Scrabble lover.

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littlelizzy 15/12/10
This is a great idea, I have made a personalised t-shirt as a xmas present for my brother. I particularly like that you can change the colour of the tiles!

deanos 16/06/10
Loved the idea, bought the shirt and it arrived within a week. I highly recommend this for a nice personalised gift.

happysmilygirl 09/06/10
You can do anything, and I can understand why there isn''t any more room. I''m just putting what I like on a green shirt, then I''m going to get a red one with all the things I hate.

MonsterKilledThePilot 15/03/10
not enough squares indeed.

MonsterKilledThePilot 15/03/10
Great design.

Sofa93 12/12/09
Yeah, I really like this idea too, but there are not enough squares...

nomi1kinobe 25/09/09
Scrabblicious!!! Just think of all the words you could use.....

katiewood 26/07/09
The t-shirt came within a week and the quality is spectacular! it''s really impressive and he loved what I did! i can''t wait to order a load for christmas for my bothers!

marcelina 25/07/09
Love that scrabble t-shirt!!!

katiewood 01/06/09
I''ve just ordered one for the boyfriend''s birthday - I''m so excited to see the design with all the great comments about the quality!

viki15 13/05/09
what to write ? what to write? hmmmmmm.....

jengreen 03/05/09
Love the tshirts, but could you give a size guide for the children''s stuff? I have a 3 year old - what size should I pick. PS bought a barcode one for the other half''s birthday - he loves it.

youngbo 30/04/09
Awesome, can''t wait to get it!

richardturner 24/04/09
Brilliant! My personalised design went down well, so very happy!

mastermertz 01/03/09
I am already working on my design for a teacher who is leaving the school i am working at. its whether its his favourite saying or what we really think of him.

pauliec 12/02/09
I don''t think I have the time to put all my designs on this! I do love a good game of scrabble but rarely can you get away with putting so many good words together on the same ''board''.

milc03 20/12/08
I received the t-shirt as a gift for someone else and was amazed at the quality of the t-shirt and especially the printing of the letters which is great and feels like velvet sort of.

Magic_Hands 15/12/08
just received my tee and super impressed with quality of printing, lovely finish

Magic_Hands 08/12/08
Just ordered one for my fella''s xmas.. sounds cheesy but with our special nick names for each other.. they''re pretty random so hopefully shouldnt be too much cheese on a stick and just look a very cool t-shirt with a special meaning that we only know

luli_lu_252 28/11/08
i''m getting my sister one this year :

treens 26/10/08
hard choice between this and the pixels, may have to get both!

nickshire 29/09/08
I Love this :

kangourousse 21/09/08
I''m travelling to South East Asia on my own - with my magnetic travel scrabble set. Having a t-shirt made with HAVE vertical, TRAVEL horizontal and SCRABBLE vertical as an open invitation to anyone who wants to play. Hoping for a good response!

hayley_taperell 26/06/08
I was struggling to get a gift for a Spurs fan whose got everything! So I did him a scrablle tottenham hotspur t-shirt... what a great idea! It came really quickly, good quality t-shirt too! Excellent idea Primitive State - I''ll be back for Christmas gifts soon!

mickla-t 18/06/08
This is gonna take a few days to decide a design!great idea

stephensbrown 28/05/08
Interesting idea. Think of the possibilities!

stephensbrown 28/05/08
Interesting idea. Think of the possibilities!

sake5er 25/05/08
very clever

pamma64 05/05/08
i love this idea!! it''s so hard tryin to figure out how to place the words you want though

cuthy2k 15/04/08
Great idea!

undeclared 11/04/08
This is a great idea! I can''t quite fit some of the things I want on it, though...

Dackstar 05/04/08
A nice concept but I don''t think I would use it.

dollyknockers 05/04/08
such a coolio idea, it''''s a must have!

Sekushi_Ama 03/04/08
cool idea. i love it!!!

acidfit 02/03/08
haha awesome!!

pondranger 27/02/08
how do you figure out what to put?!there are soooo many choices!

meegan29 26/02/08
i love this design :D

compo123 16/02/08
having fun with this one !!

taratc 14/02/08
I am thinking about using this scrabble shirt to tell our parents we are pregnant with our second child by hiding the words big and brother in the puzzle. I am glad I found this!

timelessness 04/02/08
I must congratulate the person who first thought of this.

xrobynx 01/02/08
i like the idea of being able to write something of your own. itb be cool to have a personalised hoodie

stellarthought 14/01/08
My girlfriend loves scrabble, she will love this

mikejongbloet 11/01/08
It would be even better if the Scrabble letters were actually filled in white even on say an orange shirt. Any chance of this?

luli_lu_252 30/12/07
my sister got me one of these for xmas. genius!!

SkEtChRegrET 06/12/07
So many clever ideas ....too bad that now I have to spend a week thinking of something witty to place upon it...

Lindav 04/12/07
I love this idea and I really want to make one for my partner but I don't know what to write.... It keeps coming back to 'tea please' maybe that's the one for me!

debwebb 02/12/07
A brilliant idea. I keep coming back!

pinky7112 30/11/07
i am never going to be able to afford everything i want of this website!!! Stop making cool designs i will be bankrupt soon!

soulmate02 19/11/07
so many ideas..!

Marcus1 15/11/07
With all these choices, Im going to have to take up a life of crime to pay for them all...

ramichcandidate 13/11/07
i only wish you could put writing and a pixel picture! cool fun though!

oroquelle 12/11/07
definitely buying one!

indy07 13/10/07
I never thought of creating a shirt with a scrable theme-Cool!

AngelKeel 03/09/07
This is an ingenius idea to give consumers freedom to say what they want in a cool way. Now it's just deciding what to put on the t-shirt.

cookie5 24/07/07
Great idea! Can't decide what to have on a t-shirt.

abergirl 12/07/07
These are awesome shirts, I got one in black for my other half for christmas with his website name on it. He loved it!

JacYeahMe 30/06/07

helendrink 28/06/07
What a great way to make a pesonalised t shirt! Very unique and lots of fun! I can't wait till mine arrivss!

wombat 24/05/07
i like the idea of a scrabble shirt...Its pretty cool...