Word Tiles T-Shirts

Do you love Scrabble or know someone who does? Why not create a t shirt with a message out of word tiles just like the ubiquitous word game?

Our word tile t shirts make perfect gifts for any Scrabble lover.

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littlelizzy 15/12/10
This is a great idea, I have made a personalised t-shirt as a xmas present for my brother. I particularly like that you can change the colour of the tiles!

deanos 16/06/10
Loved the idea, bought the shirt and it arrived within a week. I highly recommend this for a nice personalised gift.

happysmilygirl 09/06/10
You can do anything, and I can understand why there isn''t any more room. I''m just putting what I like on a green shirt, then I''m going to get a red one with all the things I hate.

MonsterKilledThePilot 15/03/10
not enough squares indeed.

MonsterKilledThePilot 15/03/10
Great design.

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