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littlelizzy 15/12/10
This is great fun and a great idea. Was trying to find a tshirt with a particular slogan for my boyfriend...found this and did it myself...with much better effect. Could get addictive!

stefi90 17/11/09
:D love love love ^____^

kriskke 04/05/09
Great little tool indeed! Can''t wait for what the next version of the Pixel Designer will bring to the table... Cheers!

Sasquatch76 15/02/09
Just discovering this great site, and already addicted to the pixel designer. With a few more user-friendly options as mentioned above, it would be excellent!

Stitch 23/12/08
Am loving using this designer. It''s really good fun. Me and my friends are having a competitions to see who can make the most decent quality designs!!!

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