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littlelizzy 15/12/10
This is great fun and a great idea. Was trying to find a tshirt with a particular slogan for my boyfriend...found this and did it myself...with much better effect. Could get addictive!

stefi90 17/11/09
:D love love love ^____^

kriskke 04/05/09
Great little tool indeed! Can''t wait for what the next version of the Pixel Designer will bring to the table... Cheers!

Sasquatch76 15/02/09
Just discovering this great site, and already addicted to the pixel designer. With a few more user-friendly options as mentioned above, it would be excellent!

Stitch 23/12/08
Am loving using this designer. It''s really good fun. Me and my friends are having a competitions to see who can make the most decent quality designs!!!

luli_lu_252 08/12/08
You should be able to select and drag a part of the design around. It''s frustrating trying to write out a word, realise it doesn''t fit, then have to start all over again!

luli_lu_252 28/11/08
Different colours would be awesome!

ThePurpleHippo 20/11/08
Totally would get one as a hoodie if one thing was changed -- whould be SOO cool if pixels cover the ENTIRE hoode diving off some sick camo look then i would buy it NO MATTER WHAT

treens 26/10/08
i love it, am going to get one for my bf

Twilight 13/10/08
Great feature, would it be possible to have premade shape blocks to save time?

LotusFlower 06/08/08
Tameblue - I''ve sold a couple of my designs :

Spammin 31/07/08
I cant see an option on the page where to create my own pixel design? Am i missing something?

tameblue 01/07/08
Out of interest...have any of these designs ever been purchased by anyone other than the designer?

stephensbrown 28/05/08
Great idea as long as the actual t-shirt isn''t too blocky.

sake5er 25/05/08
if there was a way to have a few different colors this would rock. It''s still a great idea either way.

mat_brummitt 17/05/08
Great idea, but I do feel the blocky end result can look a bit diappointing - if there was the ability of having up to 3 colours, this blocky look could be rememdied by picking some lighter shades for the outter edges. Cheers Mat

pamma64 05/05/08
This is such a cool idea, it does take a bit of time though but still great!

hubbleboo 27/04/08
I really want one of those hoodies they look like the ski trip ones that you can get from my school. They look so warm and cosy !

LotusFlower 24/04/08
Is it possible to have a list of the most popular pixel t-shirt designs either by sales and/or votes? Some of the really good ones are so far in it''s painful going to find them. I think something like this might help.

Dackstar 05/04/08
This is a great feature. All us geeks love a bit of pixel art and hey, here''s our chance to make some! Thanks PS

dollyknockers 05/04/08
lushious! i''m sooooooo gonna get 1!

primitivestate 01/03/08
Hi roZeep. we're glad you like your hoodie. Try not to worry about the design. It's made of a special flock material that was speficially designed for this purpose and cannot be removed from the garment. Without destroying it anyway.

roZeep 01/03/08
i just got my hoody and I LOVE IT! im only worried about how the pattern has been put on, it looks good but will it come off in the future? cos i cant see any stiching.

sgraves 05/02/08
I absoulutley love this idea of creating your own t-shirts. I have already submitted a couple and will do many more I'm sure.

soulmate02 19/11/07
it's true what they say: good things come to those who wait!

oroquelle 12/11/07
Great idea, I think it'd be awesome in colour too.

stationery-woman 23/09/07
Cracking custom tees! - Any possibility of being able to create straight lines/circles in the future? :)

sportyblob 20/08/07
Great fun to use. The shift function can be a tad annoying, but can get used to it. With the 16 bit colour, it may be pricey to produce, but then wouldn't you be able to get the money back from customers actually wanting full colour t-shirts? I know i wou

primitivestate 08/08/07
Hi Claire, glad you enjoyed the pixel editor. We are constantly working to improve the editor and are in the process of implementing some of the changes you mention. Version 3.1 coming soon...

Claire 01/08/07
This was an enormous amount of fun - thank you. I don't know if you're interested in a wishlist for this, but mine might include: * a block fill (select and fill) * likewise, an area erase (select and clear) * the ability to select an area of the grid and

primitivestate 01/06/07
Thanks bleak_industries_. The problem is not so much to develop the ability to create 16 bit colour pixel designs but more in the production of the t-shirt. A multi coloured t-shirt would be a tad pricey to produce :)

bleak_industries_ 01/06/07
As much effort as it no doubt will be, hows about offering differnt colours on this. Cause awesome as this is, it just won't be complete for me until I can re-create an accurate Mario smoking a joint in full 16-bit glory.