Braille T-Shirts

These Custom Braille T-Shirts are guarenteed to get people wanting to touch you. So, for their pleasure, our Braille Tees are printed using a raised flock effect for maximium tactile sensation.

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Nickhaw 02/06/11
Awesome, now you can add up to 6 lines of text (60 characters). Now... what to write!!

nsninja 23/05/10
great idea : more then 10 characters would b even better

MonsterKilledThePilot 15/03/10
This is a cool shirt. I must buy one!

daverose 03/09/09
Please add an option for 2 lines x 10 characters. We need it!!

MelanieW 13/03/09
10 Characters is not enough!!! I''d buy one of these if there I could fit what I wanted on it! 2 words - 12 characters!

23mk23 24/02/09
luv it .... soooo kewll

bella_nz 24/01/09
that is awesome!! i love the idea of using flocked ink!

Magic_Hands 16/12/08
ahh.. need to get the dictionary out for this one

luli_lu_252 28/11/08
Are they 3D? Haha..

treens 26/10/08
i think i would like ti with the translation, so people have some idea what you are going on about

ice-silver-crystal 09/08/08
No one will know what''s being said! Genius!

stephensbrown 29/05/08
Good idea

sake5er 24/05/08
would be cool if it was raised a bit too

freespirit 21/05/08
lol how randome but love anyway

mat_brummitt 17/05/08
Haha great idea! How rude can we be before you decide not to print?

Dackstar 05/04/08
Lol, tell people what you want them to hear but don''t let them in on it.

acidfit 02/03/08
can you do brackets?

Vinnny 29/02/08
i can c u!

acidfit 14/02/08
ahh sooo cool! i like the look of the black on the white hoodie. might have to get myself one!

timelessness 04/02/08
I want one, I want one! If I bought everything I like on this site, I'd be penniless. damn.

joshbroadway 22/01/08
Excellent.. fantastic idea!!! Its just a shame you can't have another line underneath?

stellarthought 16/01/08
Great conversation starter

blindbint 01/12/07
I am registered Blind, and I love the idea that I can say whatever the hell I want and no one has the slightest clue. Absolute genius!

primitivestate 23/11/07
Not just print soulmate02... the braille is produced using a raised flock. Nice and bumpy!!

soulmate02 20/11/07
too bad the braille is only printed. would've been cool if they were excuse to do some groping :P j/k

Marcus1 15/11/07
Great idea for a to remortgage!

cornholio 14/11/07
this is very frustrating I've tried 6 times to order a t shirt and it keeps timing out...wish I could order one :(

oroquelle 12/11/07
Good one, haha I love the random suggestions for words....

nerdoutlaw 08/10/07
thats really cool

Mr.nicklebe 07/08/07
Lol thought of some funny words to use. Genius idea. You can pretty much write anything, I've never met anyone who can read braille so go for it.

ncikk1 27/07/07
just ordered, CANNOT wait :]

cookie5 24/07/07
Great idea! Any chance of having 2 separate lines of text?

pooch47 10/06/07