Braille T-Shirts

These Custom Braille T-Shirts are guarenteed to get people wanting to touch you. So, for their pleasure, our Braille Tees are printed using a raised flock effect for maximium tactile sensation.

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Nickhaw 02/06/11
Awesome, now you can add up to 6 lines of text (60 characters). Now... what to write!!

nsninja 23/05/10
great idea : more then 10 characters would b even better

MonsterKilledThePilot 15/03/10
This is a cool shirt. I must buy one!

daverose 03/09/09
Please add an option for 2 lines x 10 characters. We need it!!

MelanieW 13/03/09
10 Characters is not enough!!! I''d buy one of these if there I could fit what I wanted on it! 2 words - 12 characters!

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