New Website


Welcome to our new site. We've been listening to what you, our loyal customers, have been saying and we've tried to include as many great ideas for improving the site as we could.

Features such as multiple lines of text for our Custom Braille, Morse and Katakana t-shirts so you now have even more freedom to get your message accross.

We also now support 'gift orders' so you can send a gift to a friend or loved one that includes a gift receipt which has no prices and can display a short message from you.

The 'Favourites' functionality of the old site has been replaced with the all-new "Spank" button in honour of our resident mascot Spank the Monkey. If you like a design, simply hit the spank button and it will be added to your spanked list. All your old favourites have been copied over to your spanked list for you and you can see what others have spanked by viewing the "Most Spanked" list.

There are many other small improvements to the site that we hope will make the site easier to use and over the coming months, we'll be adding more features and some big changes that will allow you to create even cooler t-shirts than before and share them with your friends and the rest of the world. So check back regularly to see what's changed.

Finally, although we've tried to make the site as friendly and easy to use as possible, we accept that new sites can have teething troubles so if you encounter any problems just let us know.

Kind regards,

The Primitive State Team (and Spank)