Back to the Future Delorean T-Shirt

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The Power of Love may well make the world go round if Huey Lewis and the News are to be beleived but it's the Flux Capacitor that transformed the stainless steel, petrol guzzling DMC Delorean sports car into a Plutonium guzzling time machine.

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MonsterKilledThePilot 11/03/10
I think I need to buy this one.

jmwal804 25/07/09
Sweet! This is definitely on my wish list!

luli_lu_252 08/12/08
futuristic vaccuum cleaner

stephensbrown 28/05/08
This ones good, but would also like to see one with just the flux capacitor!

Vinnny 26/02/08
If only they still made the car to go with the shirt!

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