Babylon 5 Shadow Cruiser T-Shirt

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"There are beings in the universe billions of years older than either of our races. Once, long ago, they walked among the stars like giants. Vast, timeless..." - Delenn

In the Babylon 5 universe, The Shadows are among the most ancient races in the G

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metalvikk 15/11/10
I do not see whats so geeky about this shirt ! its the same level of geek as any other film or tv shirt, most people will not even know what it is. I love it.

DarkHarbinger77 09/08/09
My favourite Sci-fi show. excellent design. lets you wear babylon 5 stuff without looking like a full on geekazoid. but is excellent when someone recognises it because they know what it is. i''m getting me one asap!

onedaymarswillattack 04/07/08
I think I am not geeky enough as I thought it was a face hugger, and if it was I would of purchased one.

stephensbrown 30/05/08
Amazing design but its probably a bit too geeky for me.