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aleksi 19/08/10
Got my tee yesterday, white on prairie dust. Love it! A bit pricey especially given the exchange rate with CAN$, but the graphic is very nicely printed onto the fabric. I''m madly in love with Curly from the best game franchise ever!, so I was delighted to find it here for sale. Indeed I plan on getting a few more -- perhaps one for each day of the week.

smash4686 08/07/10
I got an orange T with white logo. Looks really nice and the orange wasn''t as bright as I had worried. Though it''s small, the arms seem a bit wide.

medusa 12/02/10
Wip3out''s Curly!! Love this tee. The best I''ve seen from the top game ever, how lovely. :D

sunbear 09/03/09
love it

stephensbrown 09/06/08
Not a fan of this one.

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