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elfneedsfoodbadly 03/12/08
quite like the off-centre position and scale, actually. and i always think an abstract tee-shirt that either REALLY appeals to those who recognise it or intrigues people who don''t is better than a straight up captioned picture. got some mystery/abstract quality. just my opinion, of course. your mileage may vary.

Ambia! 06/06/08
Piranha was quality. Now just make us a Feisar design, and we''ll all be happy!

stephensbrown 30/05/08
Interesting but not recognisable enough

candacehess 27/04/08
it should be bigger and not so off centre. you might want a word of two to help people get it- I just thin kit looks like a half drawn car.

Vinnny 29/02/08
It's so cool that pple remember this stuff! Wipeout was quality

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