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littlelizzy 15/12/10
I really like the black on black here!

TreesAreGreen 15/06/08
Really wicked design, best as white or green on a dark background

cluders 03/03/08
Do you mean that this t-shirt design is not attractive when worn by a lady, or do you mean ladies are not attracted to you when you wear it? As a lady, I think many men would be attracted to a female Star Wars fan.

Pierarte 28/02/08
When I waaaaas a chiiiild I waaas a JEDI na na na na na.... Very cool t-shirt but not so attractive with ladies in my point of view.

Pierarte 19/01/08
lol Be a jedi with this t-shirt and the force will be on your side

oroquelle 14/11/07
Haha good one.

roddert 01/09/07
The force is strong with this one!!

cookie5 28/07/07
Use the force

andypearson01 28/06/07
got my t-shirt today and it rocks!! am really impressed with the service too, ordering was really easy, tracking was actually up to date and my shirt arrived quicker than I expected. Brilliant stuff!