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schauwers 12/02/10
Super cool shirt!

markperry1 28/04/09

Jimbob_1987 29/05/08
I pitty the fool!

stephensbrown 27/05/08
Good call sake5er! A-Team van would be class!

sake5er 26/05/08
they need the A-team van too

acidfit 29/02/08
whos da man!!!

freespirit 08/02/08
a total legend

luli_lu_252 09/12/07
haha. hardcore

kristine 16/11/07
what a cool t shirt!

roddert 01/09/07
I pity the fool who has not got this T!!

mikebeere 15/05/07
get some nuts. mr t is a legend

Dazzle1989 12/04/07
so do i! its great