1995 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1995:

January 1995: An eathquake of magnitude 6.9 hit northern Japan & caused major damage to buidings. Driving examiners went on strike over plans to make changes to the way there were paid. Daylight army patrols in Northern Ireland ended. Over 3,500 people were killed when an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale hit the city of Kobe, Japan. The maxium speed limit for cocahes in Britain was reduced to 65 mph. Extensive foolding struck much of Europe; Holland alone evacuated 100,000 people in danger.

February 1995: The FBI arrested Kevin Mitnick, its most wanted hacker, charging him with cracking security for some of the nation's most protected computers. Mitnick agreed to a plea bargain carrying an 8 month jail term. Barings Bank, Britain's oldest merchant bank collapsed, with losses over 600 million. 65% of the population in Bosnia Herzegovina voted in favour of independence.

March 1995: British police were to be issued stab proof vests in 'dangerous' operations. The Queen began a visit to South Africa, the first royal visit since the end of apartheid.

April 1995: A massive bomb explosion destroyed much of a federal building in Oklahoma City, USA.

June 1995: Prime Minister John Major resigned as leader of the Conservatie Party.

August 1995: The Queen Mother celebrated her 95th birthday. Microsoft Corp. began selling its highly publicized Windows 95 personal computer software.

September 1995: New M.O.T emission tests were introduced in the UK.