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Some historical events from 1992:

January 1992: The 15th ceasefire was announced in former Yugoslavia. The oil tanker 'Braer' was wrecked in the Shetland Islands, discharging large amounts of crude oil. An IRA bomb exploded only a short distance away from Downing Street. US Congress authorised military strikes against Iraq, for its invasion of Kuwait. A new Bulgarian President was elected in the countries first free elections. A selection of America's popular films began showing on Soviet television.

February 1992: India's Kapil Dev became the second bowler to take 400 Test wickets. Kevin Keegan was appointed manager of Newcastle Football Club. Barbara Mills QC, became the first female Director of Public Prosecutions. Fighting between government and guerrilla forces in Rwanda continued. North and South Korea officially ended their 40 year confrontation.

March 1992: A statue of Stan Laurel was erected near his former home in Dockway Square, North Shields. At least a thousand people were killed in eastern Turkey by an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale. Jimmy White won the European snooker championship. Terry Waite announced his resignation as the Archbishop of Canterbury's special envoy. Earl Spencer, the father of the Princess of Wales, died.

May 1992: With the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia & the Ukraine decided to split the Black Sea fleet. The European Community began a trade ban on Serbia for its actions in Bosnia. UN forces took control of Sarajevo airport, allowing aid flights to land.

June 1992: Czechoslovakia was split into two separate states. The United Nations took control of Sarajevo airport, Yugoslavia.

September 1992: A tidal wave in Nicaragua killed 56 people and made thousands homeless. Widespread racial violence against immigrants continued in Germany. Anthony Perkins, the US film actor of 'Psycho' fame, died. UN troops landed in Somalia, Africa, to stabalise the country & provide aid. A small number of wounded Bosnians were evacuated to the UK. 'Black Wednesday' when interest rates jumped 3% and Britain withdrew from the E.R.M.

October 1992: At a gold mine, near Dolgellau in Wales, a new Welsh gold seam was discovered. The first braille cash dispenser was installed, by the Northern Rock Building Society in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear . In an Aquarium in Tokyo, a whale gave birth to a baby fathered by a dolphin .

November 1992: Bill Clinton won the US Presidential elections with a 'landslide' victory over George Bush. Fire severely damaged the 'Brunswick Tower', at Windsor Castle.

December 1992: John G Kemeny US computer pioneer (BASIC), dies. The UN continued to protect the Kurds in Iraq from the Iraqi military.

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