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Some historical events from 1990:

January 1990: The Leaning Tower of Pisa was closed to the public, as its accelerated rate of leaning raised fears for the safety of its many visitors. Martial Law was lifted in Beijing, China. Gales of up to 115mph caused much damage, and four people were killed. The American film actress, Ava Gardener, died in London. Hurricane force winds caused much damage in southern Britain.

February 1990: After being in prison for 27 years, Nelson Mandella was freed. Wives of Royal Navy seamen protested over a decision to allow Wrens to go to sea. There were nationwide pro-democracy marches in the Soviet Union. The American 50's pop singer, Johnny Ray, died.

March 1990: The Republic of Lithuania declared its independence from the USSR. The House of Commons was adjourned due to grave disorder, being the first time this had happened in 30 years. East Germanies first elections in over sixty years ended. Namibia became an independent country after 105 years. A London demonstration against the Poll Tax ended as a riot, with many arrests.

April 1990: An earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale, struck near Wrexham in North Wales. The Broadway show 'A Chorus Line' ended after a 15 year run.

May 1990: Latvia declared its independence from the Soviet Union. Telephone numbers in London were changed to 071/081. A Van Gogh painting, 'Portrait Of Dr. Gachet' was sold for a record amount. A treaty was signed, forming the basis for monetary union between East & West Germany. An estimated 2 million people across China protested against Martial Law. Democracy protests in Zaire ended in 50 deaths. Poland held its first free elections in over fifty years. Brois Yeltsin was elected leader of the Russian Federation. The Soviet Legislature was televised for the first time.

June 1990: Hungary announced its plans to withdraw from the Warsaw Pact. Czechoslovakia held its first free elections for 44 years. The official removal of the Berlin Wall began. A new currency unit, the Ecu, was proposed by Chancellor John Major. Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin was officially removed. Europe began to study ways into financially helping the USSR. Romanian Ion Iliesco was sworn in as President.

July 1990: An earthquake struck the main Philippine island of Luzon, killing over 1,500 people. A rock concert in East Berlin, celebrating the removal of the wall, was attended by 150,000.

August 1990: Iraq invaded Kuwait, which then led to the Gulf War conflict. Britons were held hostage at Iraqi miltary installations, during the Gulf War. Kuwait was declared the 19th province of Iraq, by Saddam Hussein.

September 1990: Full sovereignty was handed back to the newly unified German state. The Soviet parliament agreed on a Bill for allowing religious practices. Britain resumed diplomatic relations with Iran, in the Middle East. The USSR and Israel resumed diplomatic relations.

October 1990: Germnay became officially reunified, with Berlin the capital city. Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

November 1990: Margaret Thatcher failed by four votes, to gain outright victory over Michael Heseltine, for leadership of the Conservative Party. Margaret Thatcher made her last speech outside 10 Downing St.

December 1990: Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was awarded 'The Order Of Merit'. In Poland, Lech Walesa won a landslide victory in the Presidential elections. The United Nations launched an aid appeal, when a new famine threatened Ethiopia. Eduard Shevardnadze resigned as Soviet foreign minister. The Queensland coast, in Australia, was hit by winds of up to 150mph. Desert Orchid won the'King George VI Chase'at Kempton Park for a record fourth time. Titleholder Gary Kasparov of the USSR won the world chess championship match against his countryman Anatoly Karpov.

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MonsterKilledThePilot 15/03/10
twas a good year. Yes, a good year. Memories...

acidfit 14/02/08
year of my birth....good times

AngelKeel 03/09/07
A change from all the generic t-shirts, really individual