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Some historical events from 1987:

January 1987: Government unemployment figues showed a North-South divide. The privatisation of British Airways was launched. Prince Edward resigned from the Royal Marines. The Archbishop of Canterbury's special envoy, Terry Waite, disapperaed in Beirut. The were violent clashes, and many arrests, outside the Wapping print works.

February 1987: Terry Waite, acting as special envoy for the Archbishop of Canterbury, was captured by terrorists in Beirut. Alistair Maclean, the best selling novelist, died. During the property boom, an area the size of a cupboard opposite Harrods was worth 36,500 pounds. Further Syrian troops were deployed in West Beirut to keep the peace.

March 1987: Danny Kaye, the American comedian, actor and film star, died. Prescription charges in Britain rose by 20p to 2.40 per item. A cross-channel ferry left Zeebrugge, Belgium, with its bow doors open it capsized suddenly outside the harbour, killing over 180 passengers. Bobby Locke, the well known South African golfer, died. The painting 'Sunflowers' by Vincent van Gogh was sold for 24 million pounds.

April 1987: Prison officers were held hostage at Magilligan Prison, Northern Ireland. Civil service centres in Scotland went on strike. James Callaghan, former Labour PM, was made a member of the Order Of The Garter. The inquiry into the 'Herald Of Free Enterprise' ferry disaster began.

May 1987: A 'Hands across Britain' demonstration was held against unemployment. Black South African workers went on strike over whites only election. Sevral sailing ships left Portsmouth, re-enacting the first voyage to Botany Bay. Rita Hayworth, the American film actress, died. Thirty seven Americans on the USS Stark were killed by an Iraqi missile.

June 1987: Soviet & Canadian skiers became first to cross from one country to another via Pole. The Conservative Party won their third consecutive victory in the General Election. Margaret Thatcher won her third election in a row. Students and police clashed in Seoul, South Korea. The USSR began major changes to its economy to make it more like a Western economy.

August 1987: The use of the cane in British state schools was banned. French racing driver Didier Peroni and two companions were killed in a powerboat race off the Isle of Wight.

September 1987: The CD-video, combining digital sound with high-definition video, was launched by Philips. Kurdish leaders appealed to the UN for protection from Iraqi attacks. Britain ended arms sales to Iran.

October 1987: The city of Los Angeles, USA, was struck by an earthquake. Sandy Lyle, the Scottish golfer, won the German Masters. Fiji was made a republic, after belonging to Britain since 1874. Southern England was hit by hurricane force winds, causing 19 deaths and hundreds of millions of pounds worth of damage. Nigel Mansell won the Mexican Grand Prix. Hundreds of homes and roads were flooded,when torrential rain struck London and the south east. In London's dockland, the City Airport was opened for short take off and landing aircraft. Gilbert McNamee was sentenced to 25 years in prison for being an IRA bombmaker. A cloud of poisonous gas passed over south west Britain,caused by a fire in Nantes,western France.

November 1987: At Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, an IRA bomb exploded,at a Rememberance Day service . With a view to encouraging safe sex, or AIDS prevention, the BBC screened Britain's first condom commercial without a brand name. A fire broke out at London's King's Cross underground station, killing 30 people. Free eye tests were abolished by the Conservative government. At auctioneers 'Christies'in London, a painting by Edgar Degas, 'The Laundry Maids', was sold for 7.48 million.

December 1987: US President Reagan and Soviet President Gorbachev signed the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty in Washington, DC, the first nuclear arms reduction agreement. In Leicestershire, two dangerous prisoners escaped by helicopter from the Gartree maximum security prison . In the worst attack on merchant shipping in the 'Gulf War', 21 crewmen from a Norwegian tanker were killed. In Seville, Spain, Gary Kasparov retained his title as world chess champion, by beating Anatoly Karpov. The renowned golfer, Sir Henry Cotton, died aged 80. There was widespread flooding in Wales & Cumbria as many rivers burst their banks.

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Jimbob_1987 03/06/08
All the greatest people were born this year!