1983 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1983:

January 1983: English television comedian Dick Emery died. Breakfast television began in Britain. The wearing of seat belts in automobiles became compulsory in Britain.

February 1983: In Ireland, a constitutional amendment was introduced, banning abortion. The funeral took place of Billy Fury, the 60's Pop idol . The Derby Winner Shergar was stolen; a 2 million ransom was demanded. Israel's defense minister, Ariel Sharon, resigned.

March 1983: British Leyland launced a new car, the Maestro. A 1,000 pound note, issued in 1935, was sold at Christies for 6,800 pounds. A new generation of Hovercraft was launched on the Isle of Wight by Sir Christopher Cockerell. Donald Maclean, spy and associate of Guy Burgess, was buried in Moscow. Rebbecca West, the British novelist, died. A letter bomb sent to the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was defused by explosives experts. A second letter bomb in 24hrs, addressed to the Prime Minister, was defused. The third letter bomb addressed to the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in three days, was defused. A copy of Lord Nelsons orders to the fleet before the battle of Trafalgar was sold for 6,000 pounds. Belfast born Chaim Herzog was elected president of the State of Israel. Barney Clark, the first human to be given a permanent artificial heart, died after 112 days.

April 1983: American actress Gloria Swanson, star of both silent and sound films, died aged 84 . The second space shuttle, 'Challenger' was launched from Cape Canaveral. Ian Smith, the ex prime minister of Rhodesia, was granted a British passport. The British film 'Ghandi' won a total of eight Oscars. The British film Gandhi won eight Oscars. The first cordless telephone went on sale in Britain. India launched its first satellite. The government agreed to phase out the lead additives in petrol. The pound coin came into circulation, replacing the paper pound note. Famine relief workers in Ethiopia were kidnapped.

May 1983: The German government announced that the 'Hitler Diaries' were fakes. Natal, in South Africa, became self governing. The London police began using wheel clamps on illegally parked cars. Sri Lanka imposed a State of Emergency after election violence. A huge IRA bomb exploded at Andersonstown police station, Belfast.

June 1983: The first balck person was elected to French Academy. Margaret Thatcher and the Conservatives were re-elected. Roy Jenkins resigned as the leader of the SDP. Pioneer 10 became the first spacecraft to leave the solar system. Mr Andropov was elected the President of the Soviet Union. The Pope asked the Polish authorities to lift Martial Law. Sally Ride became the first US woman in space; onboard the space shuttle. Syria expelled the PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

July 1983: The Chancellor announced massive cuts in state spending. The authorities ended Martial Law in Poland.

August 1983: British Rail announced plans to close 114 miles of track. Italy elected its first socialist prime minister since 1946. A militray coup was staged in Guatemala, central america. French troops were deployed in the African country of Chad. Ira Gershwin, the famous American lyricist, died. Adrian Moorhouse won a gold medal at the European swimming championships in Rome. Guy Bluford became the first black American in space.

September 1983: Gales lashed Britain, leading to the deaths of five people. 38 IRA prisoners escaped from the Maze prison, Northern Ireland. GNU Project officially announced.

October 1983: Neil Kinnock became the new leader of the Labour Party. A world record speed of 663.5 mph was achieved by Richard Noble in his jet-powered automobile Thrust II, in Nevada. Sir Ralph Richardson, the stage & screen actor, died after a career spanning over 60 years. Two million people marched in Western European capital cities demonstrating against the deployment of 'Cruise' and 'Pershing' missiles. Yachtsman Chay Blyth, had to cancel his plans to create a new world clipper record, when his trimaran capsized 500 miles east of New York .

November 1983: In the Liverpool Maternity Hospital, Janet Walton gave birth to sextuplets, all girls. In Auckland New Zealand, David Bowie performed to an audience of 80,000 people, breaking the attendence record for the Southern Hemisphere. At Heathrow airport near London, The Brinks Mat security warehouse was robbed of 25 million in gold bars. In Cumbria, near the Sellafield nuclear plant, seaweed contaminated by heavy radioactivity was discovered.

December 1983: Lars Ljunberg from Sweden became the first person to receive a heart and lung transplant in Britain.