1982 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1982:

January 1982: Blizzards struck Britain, causing a weekend of chaos.

February 1982: In Ireland, the Fianna party won the General Election. John De Lorean's car making company became bankrupt. Britain and US sent ships to Persian Gulf following Iranian offensive. Legislation in the European Court was passed, banning corporal punishment in schools.

March 1982: The Queen opened the Barbican Arts Centre in London. A landing by an Argentinian scrap metal dealer on South Georgia led to the Falklands conflict . The film 'Chariots of Fire' won an 'Oscar' for best film.

April 1982: Argentinian forces invaded the British run Falkland Islands. A British Naval Task Force left for the Falkland Islands, which had been invaded by Argentina. The UK banned all Argentinian imports after the invasion of the Falklands. A 200-mile radius naval blockade of the Falkland Islands was announced by the British. The naval blockade of the Falklands, by the British, began. The Muslims who murdered President Sadat of Egypt were executed. The Soviet Union launched the Salyut 7 space station. Britain announced an air blockade of the Falklands against Argentina.

May 1982: British aircraft bombed Port Stanley airport, in the Falklands. The Argentine cruiser 'Belgrano' was sunk enroute to the Falklands. HMS Sheffield, in the Falkland conflict, was struck and destroyed by a missile. The liner QE2 sailed to join the Falklands naval task force. The British ship 'HMS Antelope' sank after a fire, in the Falklands conflict. Pope John Paul II beagn a trip to the UK, the first Pope for over 450 years.

June 1982: Britain dropped leaflets on Port Stanley, urging the Argentine forces to surrender. The British ships 'Sir Tristram' & 'Sir Galahad' were attacked in the Falklands. Saudi Arabian King Khalid died. Argentine forces surrendered to the British in the Falklands conflict. A ceasefire was agreeed in the Falkland conflict. General Galtieri was deposed as the leader of Argentina after the Falklands conflict. The first Frenchman was launched into orbit, as part of Soviet mission.

July 1982: Roy Jenkins was elected leader of the new SDP party. An intruder managed to get into the Queens bedroom at Buckingham Palace. IRA bombs exloded in Hyde Park and Regent's Park.

August 1982: A ceasefire was announced in Lebanon, partly due to the actions of president Regan. Barclays Bank began opening on a Saturday. Ruth First, a member of the ANC, was killed by a letter bomb. American Ashby Harper became the oldest person to swim the English Channel, at the age of 65.

September 1982: Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly) died.

October 1982: Athletics history was made, when Allan Wells and Mike Mcfarlane crossed the line together at the same time, in the Commonwealth games . After 437 years, the remains of Henry VIII ship the 'Mary Rose' were raised from the seabed. The outlawing of the 'Solidarity' labour movement caused widespread strikes & demonstrations in Poland. Gerry Adams was elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly, becoming the first Sinn Fein member to do so. Alberto Salazar won the New York marathon for the third consecutive year. The Thames barrier, part of London's flood defenses, was raised for the first time.

November 1982: Phil Silvers, televisions 'Sgt Bilko' & film actor, died. Channel 4 television began broadcasting. Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev died. Yuri Andropov became soviet leader, succeeding Mr Brezhnev. Torrential rain and gales struck Britain & Northern Ireland, causing much damage. The space shuttle Columbia returned to earth after its first ever commercial mission, deploying two satellites.

December 1982: The British actor and comedian Marty Feldman died in Mexico City, aged 49. A 61 year old American dentist, Dr Barney Clark, was the first human to receive the worlds first artificial heart. The film 'Gandhi' received it's premiere in London attended by the Princess of Wales. Steven Spielberg's science fiction film E.T. was first shown in Britain. The country and western star, Marty Robbins, died of a heart attack in Nashville, Tennessee. At Greenham Common air-base, 1,000 women staged a sit-in blockade in protest against 'Cruise' missiles. Reputed to be 'Robin Hoods' tree, the 'Major Oak' in Sherwood forest, was fitted with a fire alarm. Artur Rubinstein, the renowned American concert pianist, died in Geneva, aged 95. Heavy snow fell across much of Britain, causing chaos with up to 8 inches of snow.