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Some historical events from 1980:

February 1980: Martial Law was declared in Kabul by Soviet occupation forces. Columbian guerrillas seized the Dominican Republic's embassy, in Columbia.

March 1980: Robert Mugabe formed Zimbabwe's first black government. The Pirate radio ship, Radio Caroline, sank. The oil tanker Exxon VALUESdez ran aground off Alaska, spilling over 12 million gallons of oil. Robert Runcie became the 102nd Archbishop of Canterbury.

April 1980: Israeli troops moved into Leanon. Many people were injured & arrested in Lewisham, as NF & Anti-Nazi League members clashed. Alfred Hitchcock, the famous American director, died. Armed men took control of the Iranian Embassy in London.

May 1980: SAS commandoes stormed the Iranian Embassy, freeing the 19 hostages held there. Mt St. Helens, North America, erupted causing widespread damage.

June 1980: Musicains went on strike against BBC cutbacks. Protests in West Bank of Israel took place. A Report predicted that 20 million Africans were threatened by famine and war. The Soviet Union began removing troops from Afghanistan.

July 1980: A miliatry coup was staged in Bolivia. Parliament voted against re-introducing the death penalty. Peter Sellers, the English actor and comedian, died. The deposed Shah of Iran died in exile.

August 1980: There was viloence in Northern Ireland during the 9th anniversary of internment.

September 1980: John Arlott the BBC cricketing commentator retired, after 35 years of broadcasting. The world's longest road tunnel, the St Gotthard, was opened running 16km/10mi from Goschenen to Airolo, Switzerland. The war between Iran and Iraq began.

October 1980: British Leyland launched the 'Mini' car. The Soviet Salyut 6 returned to earth its cosmonauts had been in space for a record 185 days. Mount St Helens, in Washington State USA, erupted for the third time in 24 hours.

November 1980: Ronald Reagan became the 40th President of the US. The Solar Challenger was flown for the first time, entirely under solar power. The American actress Mae West died, aged 88.

December 1980: 'Beatle' John Lennon was shot and killed, by Mark David Chapman. TV-am won the breakfast TV franchise.

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Magic_Hands 08/12/08
this is the year of my birth also but I dont like the type font.. love the idea though.. for the first time actually wish I born in 79 ;

stephensbrown 29/05/08
Year I was born, so always a winner with me!