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Some historical events from 1979:

January 1979: The ruler of Iran, the Shah, left his country. Rhodesian whites voted to transfer to majority rule.

March 1979: A devolution vote in Scotland failed to reach the 40% requirement. The nuclear power station at Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania, suffered a meltdown in the core of one of its reactors.

April 1979: One person was killed, & many were injured, in clashes between N.F & Anti-Nazi league. In Britain, the Jubilee Line on the London Underground was officially opened.

May 1979: A General Election took place in Britain; Conservative victory. Margaret Thatcher became first woman Prime Minister of Britain. LEA's no longer had to run schools along Comprehensive lines. Zimbabwes first black bishop was appointed.

June 1979: Pope John Paul II returned to Poland, his homeland. The first ever European Assembly elections were held. John Wayne, the famous Hollywood actor, died. The first ever Channel crossing by a pedal powered plane took place.

July 1979: The American spacecraft Voyager 2 flew past the planet Jupiter. America's Skylab I returned to earth after 34,981 orbits and six years in space.

August 1979: The first nudists beach in Britain was opened at Brighton. The Fastnet yacht race was hit by severe gales, leading to 17 deaths. Two soviet cosmonauts completed a record 175 day space flight.

September 1979: Pioneer 11 became the first spacecraft to flyby the planet Saturn. London talks on the Zimbabwe Rhodesian constitution opened. Compulsary metrication in Britain was abandoned. Gracie Fields, the English wartime singer, died. The TV programme 'Question Time', with Robin Day, was shown for the first time . The first ever Papal visit to Ireland began, by John Paul II.

November 1979: The trial began in Dublin, of the two men accused of the murder of Lord Mountbatten . In Dublin, Thomas McMahon was found guilty of the murder of Lord Mountbatten, and given a life sentence.

December 1979: The sound barrier on land was broken for the first time by Stanley Barrett, driving at 739.6 mph, in California. Russia invaded Afghanistan.

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