1978 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1978:

January 1978: The PLO representative in London was shot dead. NASA selected its first women astronauts, 15 years after the USSR had a female astronaut orbit the Earth. The Liberal Party voted to continue with the Lib-Lab pact until July. A Russian satellite crashed near Yellow Knife in Canada's Northwest Territory. The use of environmentally damaging aerosol sprays was banned in Sweden.

March 1978: The coffin of Charles Chaplin was stolen, only months after being buried. A date for majority rule in Rhodesia was announced, 31st December 1978. The oil-tanker Amoco Cadiz ran aground on the Brittany coast, & around 220,000 tons of oil was discharged into the sea. Red Rum, the three times Grand National Winner, retired from racing.

May 1978: The US launched Pioneer Venus 1, which produced radar maps of Venus.

June 1978: Figures suggested that China had detained 110,000 people since 1957. There were riots in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. OPEC agreed not to increase oil prices until end of the year. The musical 'Evita' opened in London. Pluto's moon, Charon, was discovered by James Christy. The North Yemen President was assassinated. The first dedicated oceanographic satellite was launched. A terrorist bomb caused damage at the palace of Versaille, France.

July 1978: Mount Everest was successfully climbed without the use of oxygen masks. The fomer Prime Minister of Iraq was shot in London. The Queen began an official visit to Canada.

August 1978: Pope Paul VI died. The United States launched its Pioneer Venus probe. The PLO headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, was bombed. The first successful trans Atlantic balloon crossing was made.

September 1978: Keith Moon, drummer with 'The Who', died of a drugs overdose. Martial Law was declared in Tehran & other cities, Iran, as riots took place. Georgi Markov, a Bulgarian defector, was fatally stabbed by a poisoned umbrella point wielded by a Bulgarian secret agent in London, UK. An earthquake struck northern Iran, killing over 10,000 people. A meeting between Egyptian & Israeli leaders created a framework for Middle East peace. Pope John Paul I died, after only being pope for 33 days.

October 1978: The first ever woman train driver began work on the 'Underground'. John Paul II became the first non-Italian Pope.