1977 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1977:

January 1977: Britain (along with others) extended its fishing limit to 200 miles.

March 1977: It was discovered that the planet Uranus had rings. Pan Am and KLM jumbo jets collided on the runway at Tenerife airport, in the Canary Islands, killing 574 people. The film 'Rocky', starring Sylvestor Stallone, won an Oscar for best film.

April 1977: Red Rum won the 'Grand National' for the third time. Martial Law was imposed in several Pakistani cities.

May 1977: Joan Crawford, the American film actress, died. The eleven day stike in Ulster ended.

June 1977: In Britain, the maximum speed limits on roads were changed to 70mph . Queen Elizabeth II celebrated 25 years on the throne. The Queens Silver Jubilee celebrations took place. Apple Computer ships its first Apple II. General elections were held in Spain; the first since 1936. Britain broke all diplomatic links with Uganda. French Somaliland became the independent country of Djibouti. Roberto Rossellini, the Italian film director, died.

July 1977: Pakistans leader, Mr Bhutto, was deposed by the military. The government announced a 10% pay increase limit on wages.

August 1977: A National Front march in London led to violent clashes. Elvis Presley, the American rock singing legend, died. Groucho Marx, the American comedian of the 'Marx Brothers', died. The US Voyager I spacecraft was launched on its journey via Jupiter and Saturn to become the first artificial object to leave the solar system. New, smaller pound notes, were introduced into the UK.

September 1977: The Skytrain airliner service to New York started.

December 1977: Winston Churchill's widow, Lady Spencer Churchill, died aged 92. Sir Charles Chaplin died in his home in Switzerland, aged 88.