1976 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1976:

January 1976: Gales throughout the Britain caused widespread damage. A new law made French the only language allowed in advertising throughout France. Concorde inaugurated its commercial service with simultaneous take-offs, from Paris to Rio de Janeiro and from London to Bahrain.

February 1976: The Queen opened the 'National Exhibition Centre' near Birmingham. A woman refereed an all male football match for the first time. Iceland broke off diplomatic relations with Britain over the 'cod war'. India announced plans to take action against parents who had more than two children.

March 1976: The Ulster Convention was dissolved & direct rule from Westminster continued. Labour leader Harold Wilson resigned as Prime Minister . The separation of Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret was announced.

April 1976: Harold Wilson, of the Labour Party, resigned as Prime Minister. Britain began exporting oil from the North Sea.

May 1976: Jo Grimond took over the leadership of the Liberal party. Concordes from Britain & France flew to Washington D.C for the first time.

June 1976: Syrian troops cut off Lebanons capital, Beiruit. Race riots in South Africa left six people dead. Plane hijackers in Uganda demanded freedom for PLO prisoners.

July 1976: The government used emergency powers to deal with the water shortage crisis. Israeli forces mounted an attack on Entebee airport to free hostages. The Queen arrived in the United States for the bicentenial celebrations. An explosion at a plant in Seveso, near Milan, released poisonous fumes. The American probe Viking I landed on the planet Mars. The British ambassador to the Irish Republic was assassinated. The Tian Shan area of China was struck by an earthquake which caused over 800,000 deaths.

August 1976: Trinidad and Tobago became an independent country from Britain. The government passed the Drought Act to combat the continued UK drought. Earthquakes and tidal waves in the Philippines resulted in the deaths of over 6,000 people. Earthquakes and tidal waves in the Philippines resulted in the deaths of over 6,000 people. The Labour MP John Stonehouse resigned following his conviction for theft and fraud.

September 1976: The US spacecraft Viking 2 landed on Mars and began sending pictures of the red planet to earth. Chinese leader Mao Tes-tung died, aged 82. Two airliners collided in mid-air over Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Rhodesia accepted an American and British plan for majority rule .

October 1976: British racing driver James Hunt won the Japanese Grand Prix and secured the world championship. The National Theatre on London's South Bank was officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen.

November 1976: Jimmy Carter was elected as the (38th) US President . The first 100,000 pound Premium Bond was won by an anonymous person. The four millionth 'Mini' left the production line.