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Some historical events from 1975:

January 1975: The oil producing members of OPEC agreed to raise prices by 10%. Dr Coggan became the 101st Archbishop of Canterbury.

February 1975: The Conservative party elected Margaret Thatcher as leader, the first ever woman.

March 1975: Susan Hayward, the Oscar winning actress, died. Aristotle Onassis, the Greek shipping magnate & second husband of Jaqueline Kennedy, died.

April 1975: Howard Hughes, the American multi-millionaire, died. The government of Cambodia surrended to the Khmer Rouge. President Thieu resigned, as Saigon in Vietnam, was surrounded. The Vietnam war ended, with the South surrendering to the North.

June 1975: The Suez canal re-opened after eight years. Belgium decided to buy American built jet fighters. The USSR launched the Venera 9 spacecraft to the planet Venus. Indira Gandhi was convicted of election fraud. Geoffrey Ingram Taylor, English applied mathematician, died. Taylor's work is of the greatest importance to the mechanics of fluids and solids and to their application in meteorology, oceanography, aeronautics, metal physics, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering.

July 1975: A six pounds a week pay increase limit was imposed by the governmant. An army of life-size terracotta soldiers was discovered in China. The US & USSR launched the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project spacecraft. The US Apollo spacecraft and the Russian Soyuz craft successfully docked while in orbit. After an 11-month journey, the US uncrewed Viking 1 made a soft landing on Mars. The military staged a coup in Nigeria, Africa.

August 1975: The Helsinki Agreement, on human rights, was signed by over 35 nations. Mujibur Rahman, the leader of Bangladesh, was assassinated. The US probe Viking I was launched; first craft to send pictures from the surface of Mars. The first ever nude performance in a British opera took place at Glyndebourne.

September 1975: At London's Hilton Hotel a bomb exploded, killing two people and injuring sixty three. US President Gerald Ford escaped an assassination attempt in Sacramento. The United States launched the Viking 2 spacecraft to Mars. Czech tennis player Martina Navratilova defected to the West. Papua New Guinea became an independent country.

October 1975: Nicki Lauda became World Motor Racing Champion.

November 1975: The North Sea pipeline, the first to be built underwater, was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II. The punk rock group 'The Sex Pistols' gave their first public performance. King Juan Carlos II was sworn in as head of state, two days after the death of General Franco, the Spanish dictator. 'Queen' reached number one in the charts with 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Champion British racing driver Graham Hill was killed in an aircraft crash at Arkley, Hertfordshire.

December 1975: The Sex Discrimation Act came into force.

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ali777 12/02/09
bought this in the hoodie black / orange, looks good, great quality

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I bought this t-shirt cos I was born in '75....I got it in Blue/orange...it looks great. Really pleased with the quality