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Some historical events from 1973:

January 1973: Britain became a member of the European Economic Community. The Open University awarded its first degrees.

February 1973: Londons Stock Exchange admitted women for the first time. American prisoners, captured in Vietnam, were released.

March 1973: In Britain, the new London Bridge was opened. The actor and playwright Sir Noel Coward died in Jamaica. Red Rum won the Grand National in a record time of 9 minutes 2 seconds.

April 1973: Value Added Tax (VAT) began operation in the United Kingdom. The spacecraft Pioneer 11 was launched to the planets Jupiter & Saturn. Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish artist, died.

May 1973: US President Nixon denied all knowledge of the Watergate affair. The United States launched the Skylab 1 space station. The Senate Select Committee hearings on Watergate opened.

June 1973: Greece became a republic, scrapping its monarchy. Nixon & Brezhnev signed an arms limitation agreement. The Pope opened the vatican gallery of modern art. The Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev visited France.

July 1973: Betty Grable, the famous Hollywood actress, died. Bruce Lee, the American martial arts film and TV actor, died. The Ulster Assembly, Northern Ireland, sat for the first time.

August 1973: The USSR launched the Mars 6 spacecraft. The USSR launched the Mars 7 spacecraft to the planet Mars. George Papadopoulos became the first president of Greece. Princess Anne visited Russia, becoming the first member of the Royal Family to do so.

September 1973: J.R Tolkien, author of the popular 'Lord of the Rings', died. King Gustav of Swedon died. An IRA bomb exploded at the Chelsea barracks. The three-man crew of the U.S. space laboratory Skylab 2 splashed down safely in the Pacific Ocean after spending 59 days in orbit.

November 1973: Jerry Lee Lewis Jr. died in a road crash aged 19. He was the second son of the 'Rock and Roll' star to die. Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips in Westminster Abbey. In Australia, Aborigines were given the vote for the first time.

December 1973: During a petrol shortage, the British government imposed a 50mph speed limit on roads to save fuel. In America, Gerald Ford was sworn in as Vice President. The three day working week began in the UK.

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Baggins 09/03/10
Think the style of the text is absolutely brilliant, and definitely the best decade :-

digben 23/04/07
Awesome year! The year the universe saw fit to bring me into existence. What more can I say?