1972 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1972:

January 1972: The American spacecraft Mariner 9 began mapping the planet Mars. NASA announced its plans for a new space vehicle, the shuttle. The liner 'Queen Elizabeth' caught fire in Hong Kong harbour. A miners strike began, which caused power cuts and industrial disruption. The military staged a coup in the African country of Ghana. The United Kingdom joined the Common Market. The Worlds first kidney & pancreatic tissue transplant was carried out in London. The first London performance of 'Godspel' took place. In Ireland, British paratroopers believing they were under attack killed 13 people. This became known as 'Bloody Sunday'.

February 1972: A State of Emergency was declared in Britain because of the third month of a miners strike. There were power cuts in Britain, as power stations ran out of coal during the miners strike. The House of Commons voted in favour of Britain joining the Common Market. The Volkswagon 'Beetle' became the most successful production model, selling over 15 million vehicles. A report suggested that alcohol abuse was the nation's biggest problem. US President Richard Nixon went on visit to China, to help improve relations.

March 1972: The American Pioneer 10, bound for the planet Jupiter, was launched.

April 1972: An agreement, banning the use of biological weapons, was signed by 46 countries. The US spacecraft Apollo 16 was launched. Bangladesh joined the Commonwealth. Apollo 17 (Ceran & Scmitt) landed on the Moon. This was the last Apollo mission.

May 1972: The Queen went on a state visit to France. Cecil Day Lewis, the English poet, died. Ceylon became the Republic of Sri Lanka.

June 1972: Libya admitted to helping the IRA in Ulster. 75,000 attended a gathering of religious leader Billy Graham, in Texas. Burglars were caught inside the Watergate building, which caused the downfall of President Nixon. 118 people died in the UK's worst air disaster.

July 1972: The Northern Ireland ceasfire ended, with several people being shot. A ceasefire that had been in effect in Northern Ireland broke down. British dockers began a national dock strike.

August 1972: Ugandan President Amin expelled 40,000 British Asians. The last United States troops left Vietnam. Sir Francis Chichester, the round the World yachtsman, died. Prince William of Gloucester died, when his aircraft crashed during an air show. American swimmer Mark Spitz won 5 gold medals at the Munich Olympics.

September 1972: The American swimmer Mark Spitz, won a record 7th gold medal at the Munich games. Israeli athletes were held hostage by Arab guerrillas at the Munich Olympics. Two British trawlers were sunk by Icelandic gunboats during the 'cod war'. Ugandan leader Idi Amin expelled 8,000 Asians, giving them just 2 days to leave. Norway voted not to join the European Community.

October 1972: John Betjemen was confirmed as the new Poet Laureate. 'Access' credit cards came into use in Britain. The first episode of the TV series 'Colditz' was transmitted.

November 1972: Orissa, India, was struck by a tidal wave which killed 10,000 people and left 5 million homeless. Richard Nixon was re-elected as the US president. The 'Race Relations Act' came into force in the UK.

December 1972: The worst air crash in Spanish aviation history took place, when a plane crashed in the Canary Islands. US President Harry S. Trueman, the man who authorised the use of nuclear weapons on Japan, died.