1971 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1971:

January 1971: The Open University began broadcasting on television. The first divorce in Britain was granted under the new Divorce Act. The Aswan High Dam, on the Nile in Egypt, was offically opened.

February 1971: Rolls Royce were made bankrupt after a disastrous contract to supply aero engines to Lockheed Aircraft. The US Apollo 14 (Shepard & Mitchell onboard) landed on the Moon. The first British soldier was killed in Northern Ireland. Britain adopted the decimal currency system. Women were refused the right to vote in elections, in Lichtenstein.

March 1971: Harold Lloyd, the comedy star of the silent screen, died. The Daily Sketch newspaper closed after 62 years of publication. Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan, proclaimed its independence.

April 1971: The Soviet Union launched the first manned spacelab, Salyut 1.

May 1971: The Soviet Union launched the Mars 3 spacecraft to the planet Mars. Mariner 9, the first spacecraft to orbit Mars, was launched.

June 1971: The United States lifted a 21 year trade embargo on China. Francois Mitterrand was named as head of Socialist Party. The Soyuz 11 spacecraft docked with the Salyut 1 spacestation for 22 days.

July 1971: The US Apollo 15 spacecraft returned from its lunar landing mission. The United States lifted a 21 year trade ban with China. Apollo 15 (Scott and Irwin) landed on the Moon. US astronauts David Scott and James Irwin entered their Lunar Roving Vehicle and went for a ride on the moon.

August 1971: The US launched its first satellite into lunar orbit from a manned spacecraft. Internment without the need for a trial was introduced in Northern Ireland.

September 1971: The one penny and threepenny coins, ceased to be legal tender in Britain. Nikita Krushchev, the Russian leader, died. Britain expelled over 100 Russian diplomats for spying.

October 1971: Disneyworld, the amusement park in Florida USA, was opened. The US spacecraft Mariner 9 transmitted the first close-up TV pictures of Mars to Earth. The House of Commons voted in favour of Britain joining the European Common Market.

December 1971: Pakistan launched a war against India.