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Some historical events from 1970:

January 1970: The Boeing 747 aircraft touched down at Heathrow Airport at the end of its first transatlantic flight.

February 1970: The worlds first nerve transplant took place in Germany. Japan launched its first satellite into orbit. Guyana became an independent republic within the Commonwealth.

March 1970: Rhodesia became an independent republic from Britain. A new revised edition of the Old Testament was published.

April 1970: The American Apollo 13 spacecraft was launched to the Moon. The American spacecraft Apollo 13, enroute to the Moon, had an onboard explosion. The Apollo 13 spacecraft retured to Earth, despite an onboard explosion. China became the 5th nation to launch a satellite into orbit. American troops entered Cambodia, Asia.

May 1970: The Beatles released their first album, 'Let It Be'.

June 1970: An earthquake in Peru killed 30,000 people. Tonga became independent. The Polaroid camera was patented. The Conservative Party won the General Election. Edward Heath became PM, when the Conservative Party won the General Election.

July 1970: The government resumed arms sales to South Africa. Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Atlantic ocean in a papyrus boat. Britain had a state of emergency when dockers went on strike.

August 1970: Venus 7 was launched; it became the first spacecraft to soft land on Venus. A radioactive leak caused the shutdown of part of the Windscale nuclear power station.

September 1970: Jimi Hendrix, the US rock guitarist, died. The first automated return of a lunar sample by Luna 16 took place.

October 1970: In Melbourne, Australia's biggest bridge, the West Gate Bridge, collapsed killing 33 people.

November 1970: General Charles de Gaulle,former leader of the 'Free French'army and President of France from 1958 to 1969,died . A cyclone and tidal waves struck East Pakistan, killing over 500,000 people. The USSR's Luna 17 landed on the Sea of Rains on the moon, and released the first moonwalker vehicle.

December 1970: In Italy, divorce was legalised.

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kev7117 08/11/10
A great talking point....a friend of mine was wearing a white long sleeve t with red writing. Nice subtle use of branding on the back of the t shirt too small