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Some historical events from 1969:

January 1969: The supersonic airplane Concorde made its first trial flight, at Bristol. The Soviets carried out the first manual docking of a spacecraft in orbit. Protestant leader Ian Paisley was jailed for three months. Britain was refused entry into the European Economic Community.

February 1969: The Boeing 747, the world's largest commercial plane, made its first flight. Mariner 6, the first spacecraft to fly by Mars, was launched.

March 1969: The French-built supersonic aircraft Concorde made its first test flight from Toulouse. US spacecraft Apollo 9 was launched. The Kray twins were found guilty of murder and given life sentences. In Britain, the Victoria line was opened as part of London's underground way. James Earl Ray was found guilty of the murder of Martin Luther King and sentenced to 99 years in jail. Paul McCartney married the photographer Linda Eastman. John Lennon, of the Beatles, married Yoko Ono in Gibraltar. Dwight D Eisenhower, former President Of the US and wartime General, died.

April 1969: The British supersonic aircraft Concorde made its first test flight, from Bristol to Fairford, Gloucestershire, UK. The voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 in the UK. Pierre Trudeau became the Prime Minister of Canada. Single-handed round the world sailor Robin Knox Johnston returned to Falmouth. After 21 years 'Mrs Dales Diary' radio programme ended. General de Gaulle resigned as President of France.

May 1969: The liner QE2 had its maiden voyage. The legal age for voting in Britain was lowered from 21 to 18. The United States launched the Apollo 10 mission to the Moon.

June 1969: The last ever episode of the original 'Star Trek' series was broadcast in the USA. Spain closed its border with Gibraltar. The first papal visit to Geneva since the 16th century took place. Israeli jets made bombing raids on Jordan.

July 1969: Prince Charles became the 21st Prince of Wales at Caernarvon Castle. The Rolling Stones staged a free concert in Hyde Park. Apollo 11, which made the first manned Moon landing, was launched. The lunar module Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, and US astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin took their first exploratory walk. Prince Juan Carlos was named as the future king of Spain by General Franco. The halfpenny ceased to be legal tender in Britain.

August 1969: The world's first communications satellite was launched - America's Echo. The world's first communications satellite was launched - America's Echo. The Woodstock music festival, in New York state, took place. The army took over the policing of Northern Ireland. Rocky Marciano, the unbeaten world heavyweight boxing champion, died in an air crash.

September 1969: Independent Television (ITV) began broadcasting in colour.

October 1969: The classic TV series 'Monty Pythons Flying Circus' was first shown. The first 50 pence coin was issued in Britain.

November 1969: Apollo 12 reached the Moon, landing close to Surveyor 3 .

December 1969: The death penalty was abolished in Britain.

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