1967 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1967:

January 1967: Ronald Reagan became the governer of California, United States. Jeremy Thorpe was elected leader of the Liberal Party. Three US astronauts died in a fire, which broke out aboard the spacecraft Apollo during tests at Cape Kennedy.

February 1967: The United States began a new offensive against the Vietcong, in Vietnam.

March 1967: The first North Sea gas was pumped ashore in Britain. Former West Indian cricketer Sir Frank Worrell died. The tanker Torrey Cannon ran aground near Lands End, spilling large amounts of crude oil.

April 1967: Conservative councillors gained a landslide victory in the GLC elections. Vladimir Komarov became the first man to make two spaceflights. The Expo '67 exhibition opened in Montreal, Canada.

May 1967: John Masefield, the English poet & former Poet Laurete, died. Claude Rains, the British born film actor, died.

June 1967: The six day war in the Middle East, between Israel & its neighbours, began. Egypt closed the Suez canal as Israel seized Gaza. The American Mariner 5 spacecraft was launched to the planet Venus. China exploded its first H-bomb. Barclays Bank opened Britains first cash dispenser. Jayne Mansfield, the American film actress, died.

July 1967: Colour television began broadcasting in Britain on BBC2. Francis Chichester, the yachtsman, was knighted by the Queen. Vivien Leigh, the British actress in 'Gone With The Wind', died. The Public Records Act meant that records were made public after 30 years. Abortion was legalised in Britain. Major defence cuts were announced, along with troop withdrawls in Egypt.

August 1967: A report blamed the National Coal Board for the Aberfan disaster, Wales. The Inventor of Monopoly, Charles Darrow, died.

September 1967: Sweden changed to driving on the on the right side of the road, in common with most of Europe. The liner Queen Elizabeth II was launched from Clydebank. Radio 1 began broadcasting with Tony Blackburn and 'The Breakfast Show'.

October 1967: In Brighton, the first 'Majority' verdict by a British jury was given in a court case. A breathalyzer was used on a motorist for the first time, in Somerset. Che Guevara, the argentinian guerrilla leader, was killed in an ambush in a village in Bolivia.

November 1967: The first BBC local radio station opened in Leicester. President of France, General Charles de Gaulle, refused British entry to the Common Market.

December 1967: The fist 'black'headmaster, Tony O'Connor,was appointed by Warley School in Worcestershire . At Groote Schurr Hospital, Cape Town, Dr Christiaan Barnard carried out the world's first heart transplant. The Concorde airliner was rolled out of its hangar for public viewing for the first time. Alec Rose completed a solo 14,500 mile voyage, from Britain to Australia. The British traitor Kim Philby was made a 'Hero of the Soviet Union' in Moscow.