1965 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1965:

January 1965: Winston Churchill, Britains wartime prime minister, died. Sir Winston Churchill, former PM, was given a state funeral.

February 1965: Nat King Cole, the American singer and musician, died. A government report recommended closing half of Britain's railway network. The Gambia became an independent country within the Commonwealth. Stan Laurel, the film comedian teamed with Oliver Hardy, died.

March 1965: American marines landed in South Vietnam. Soviet astronaut Alexei Leonov made the first walk in space. The American manned Gemini spacecraft made three Earth orbits.

April 1965: The Greater London Council was created from the City of London and 32 boroughs. Early Bird, the first commercial communications satellite, was launched by the US. The USSR launched its first communications satellite. Plans were announced to send Australian troops to Vietnam.

May 1965: Britains 'Early Bird' satellite began tranmitting TV programmes.

June 1965: Ed White became the first American astronaut to walk in space. The Monarchy was restored in Morocco, North Africa. The American Gemini 4 spacecraft completed 62 orbits of the Earth. The 'Beatles' were included in Queens birthday honours list. The Beatles received MBE's in the Queens Birthday Honours. The military took over in South Vietnam.

July 1965: US Mariner transmitted the first close-up pictures of Mars. The Mont Blanc road tunnel, linking France with Italy, was opened. Sir Alec Douglas Home resigned as leader of the Conservative Party. The advertising of cigarettes on British television was banned.

August 1965: Cigarette advertising on British television was banned. Singapore became an independent country from Malaysia. In Britain, the first ever female high court judge was appointed. The US National Guard was called out to deal with race riots in Los Angeles. Astronauts Cooper & Conrad orbited the Earth 120 times in Gemini 5.

September 1965: India invaded West Pakistan. Britains first woman High Court judge was appointed.

October 1965: London's Post Office Tower, Britain's tallest building, opened. An airliner crashed at Heathrow, killing 36 people.

November 1965: The bill abolishing the death penalty became law. The USSR launched Venus III, an uncrewed spacecraft that successfully landed on Venus. In Las Vegas, Cassius Clay beat Floyd Paterson to retain his world heavyweight boxing title. The government introduced an experimental speed limit of 70mph on motorways in England. 'The Seekers', had a number one hit with 'The Carnival Is Over'.

December 1965: Somerset Maugham the English novelist died in Nice, France, at the age of 91. The maximum speed limit in Britain was set at 70mph. The much loved British TV commentator, Richard Dimbleby, died. A 70-mph speed limit was introduced in Britain. A meteorite landed on Leicestershire, UK it weighed about 100lbs. The BP oil rig Sea Gem capsized in the North Sea, with the loss of 13 lives. Ferdinand Marcos became president of the Philippines.