1964 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1964:

January 1964: The London Underground's first automatic ticket barrier was installed, at Stamford Brook. The first 'Beatles' release in the USA sold 1 million copies in three weeks. At Innsbruck in Austria, the 9th Winter Olympic games opened . The screen actor Alan Ladd died from an overdose of alcohol and sedatives.

February 1964: Britain and France reached an agreement on the construction of a Channel Tunnel.

March 1964: Jack Ruby was found guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, and sentenced to death. Richard Burton was married to Elizabeth Taylor in Montreal. Radio Caroline, Britains first 'pirate' radio station, began broadcasting from a ship at sea. Gangs of 'Mods' and 'Rockers' clashed in the seaside resort of Clacton.

April 1964: The top five places in the US singles charts were all held by the 'Beatles'. Automatic, driverless trains began operating on the London Underground, UK. The unmanned Gemini 1 spacecraft was launched by the United States. Sidney Poitier became the first black man to win an Oscar for best actor. BBC2 began broadcasting for the first time. The head of the 'Little Mermaid' statue in Copenhagen harbour was stolen. The Republic of Tanzania was formed with the merger of two countries.

May 1964: The USA made an official complaint to the USSR when 'bugs' were found in its Moscow embassy.

June 1964: Lord Beaverbrook, the press baron, died. Nelson Mandella was sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa.

July 1964: Nyasaland became the independent state of Malawi. Mikoyan succeeded Leonid Brezhnev as President of the Soviet Union. Winston Churchill made his last appearance in the House of Commons. Spacecraft Ranger 7 transmited the first close-up photographs of the Moons surface.

August 1964: A US destroyer was attacked by Vietnamese torpedo boats on N. Vietnam coast. The last ever hangings in Britain took place. South Africa was banned from taking part in the Olympic Games.

September 1964: 'The Sun' newspaper, which replaced the 'Daily Herald', was first published. The 'Sun' newspaper was published for the first time. Malta became independent from Britain within the Commonwealth.

October 1964: The world's first Russian three man spacecraft returned safely to Earth. At the Tokyo Olympics, Mary Rand won a gold medal for the long jump. China exploded a nuclear device. Former President of America Herbert Hoover died, aged 90. Northern Rhodesia became the Republic of Zambia.

November 1964: Pope Paul VI donated his jewelled tiara, to the poor of the world. Sir Winston Churchill celebrated his 90th birthday.

December 1964: Poet and author Dame Edith Sitwell, sister of the writer Sir Osbert Sitwell, died. The 'Maple Leaf' was formally adopted as the symbol for the national flag, by the Canadian Parliament. Donald Campbell set a new water speed record.