1963 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1963:

January 1963: Kim Philby, the double agent, defected to Russia.

February 1963: The first successful kidney transplant was made. Harold Wilson became the new leader of the Labour Party.

March 1963: Britain had its first frost free night since December 22 of previous year. Alcatraz, maximum security prison on the island in San Francisco Bay, was closed after 29 years.

May 1963: The US astronaut Gordon Cooper made 22 orbits of the Earth.

June 1963: Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space. Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in space.

July 1963: Kim Philby, who was a secret soviet agent, fled the country.

August 1963: The Test Ban Agreement was signed by the US, the USSR, and the UK, contracting to test nuclear weapons only underground. The UN Security Council banned the sale of arms to South Africa . The Great Train Robbery took place, in which 2.5 million was stolen. Martial law was imposed in South Vietnam. NASA's X-15 aircraft reached a record breaking height of 67 miles. Over 200,000 people marched through Washington in a civil rights demonstration; joined by many stars. To reduce the risk of accidental nuclear war, the Hotline between the US President and the Soviet Premier was established.

September 1963: Malaysia became an independent country, and suffered anti British riots.

October 1963: Nigeria became an independent Republic within the Commonwealth. Harold Macmillan resigned as Prime Minister, succeeded by Sir Alec Douglas Home.

November 1963: 'Gerry and the Pacemakers' reached the number one chart spot with 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. The 'Beatles' performed at their first Royal Variety Show. The Dartford-Purfleet tunnel under the Thames was opened. In the US, the Bell telephone company introduced the first 'Push button' telephones. Lyndon B Johnson was sworn in as the 35th President of America, shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy. US president J.F Kennedy was shot and killed while travelling through Dallas, Texas. The first episode of the British BBC TV serial Dr Who was broadcast, with William Hartnell as Dr Who and Anna Ford as his female companion. Lee Harvey Oswald, charged with assassinating John F Kennedy, was shot by Jack Ruby. John F Kennedy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

December 1963: The last ever broadcast of 'That Was The Week That Was' was made.