1962 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1962:

January 1962: There was an outbreak of smallpox in Britain. A Czech student set himself on fire in protest against the USSR.

February 1962: The Sunday Times produced the first British colour supplement. US astronaut John Glenn orbited the Earth three times in the space capsule Friendship 7.

March 1962: A Royal College of Physician's report highlighted the dangers of smoking. A three hundred year old skull was found under the grounds of 10 Downing Street.

April 1962: An international agreement was signed, to stop oil pollution of seas & beaches. Britain's first satellite, Ariel, was launched.

June 1962: The European Space Research Organisation was established at Paris. The Conservatives just won the general election. A ceasefire in Laos, Asia, was announced. The death penalty was announced in the Soviet Union for anyone dealing in gold & currency.

July 1962: Rwanda & Burundi became independent countries. The US communications satellite Telstar was launched, bringing Europe the first live television from the US.

August 1962: Nelson Mandella was arrested and then imprisoned with a life sentence. Film star Marilyn Monroe died from barbituate poisoning. Jamaica became independent from Britain. The seven and a half mile Mt Blanc tunnel was completed. The US spacecraft Mariner 2 was launched, which made the first Venus flyby.

September 1962: The 'University Challenge' television programme was broadcast for the first time.

October 1962: Amnesty International was formed in London. Hyde Park underpass in London was opened, resulting in large traffic jams. Nelson Mandella went on trial for treason in South Africa.

November 1962: The first ever spacecraft to Mars, Mars 1, was launched. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands died.

December 1962: US Mariner II sent the first close-up pictures of the planet Venus back to Earth. 'Oscar' winning Charles Laughton died after a distinguished film career.