1959 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1959:

January 1959: The Russian uncrewed spacecraft Luna I, the first rocket to pass near the moon, was launched. Alaska became the 49th United State, bought from Russia. The Luna 1 spacecraft became the first to leave Earth's gravity. The African country of Mali was formed with the joining of Senegal & French Sudan. Famous Hollywood film director, Cecil B. De Mille, died aged 77.

February 1959: Buddy Holly, the US singer and guitarist, died. Indira Ghandi became the leader of India's Congress Party. Fidel Castro became the President of Cuba, overthrowing Fulgenico Batista. The first polar orbiting satellite, Discoverer 1, was launched.

March 1959: Pioneer 4 became the first American spacecraft to flyby the Moon.

April 1959: The St. Lawrence Seaway, Canada, was officially opened by the Queen.

May 1959: The US launched two monkeys into space as part of its test missions.

June 1959: The first US submarine capable of firing ballistic missiles was launched. The hovercraft was demonstrated for the first time. The St Lawrence Seaway, Canada, was officially opened.

July 1959: The USS Long Beach, the first nuclear warship, was launched. Billy Holiday, the famous American singer, died. 'Savannah', the worlds first nuclear powered merchant ship, was launched. Postcodes were introduced in Britain.

August 1959: The US launched Explorer 6 to take the first satellite photo of the Earth. Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States of America. The Radio Show opened at Earls Court in London, with the appearance of some of the first 'transistor' radios.

September 1959: Luna 2, of the USSR, became to first spacecraft to crash on the moon. Luna 2,launched by the USSR, became the first spacecraft to reach the Moon. The Soviet Lunik II became the first spacecraft to land on the Moon.

October 1959: Postcodes were introduced in Britain.

November 1959: The first stretch of the M1 motorway was opened in Britain. The main M1 mototway, London to Birmingham section, was opened. The House of Lords voted against the introduction of commercial radio.

December 1959: Twelve countries signed a treaty to protect Antarctica, as a preserve for scientific research. A monkey returned to earth safely, after being launched into orbit 55 miles high by the US.