1957 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1957:

January 1957: Sir Anthony Eden resigned as British Prime Minister. Prince Charles spent his first day at school.

February 1957: Leslie Hore Belisha, the politician who introduced the driving test, died.

March 1957: Israel completed its withdrawl from Sinai, Middle East. Percy Wyndham Lewis, the English writer and artist, died. Richard Byrd, the American Polar explorer, died. The treaty of Rome was signed by six nations, to establish the European Economic Community.

April 1957: The Suez Canal, Egypt, was cleared and opened to shipping. English astronomer Patrick Moore presented the first broadcast of The Sky at Night.

May 1957: Eliot Ness, the American Government agent, died. Petrol rationing in Britain, imposed the previous year, ended. Britain exploded the first British thermonuclear bomb in megaton range at Christmas Island, in the Central Pacific.

June 1957: ERNIE drew the first premium bond prizes in Britain.

July 1957: Tunisia, North Africa, became an independent republic. The USA test launched the first intercontinental ballistic missile.

August 1957: Oliver Hardy, the American film comedian, died. At the age of 17, Jimmy Greaves made his first football appearance for Chelsea.

September 1957: An Asian flu epidemic swept across Britain. The US National Guard were deployed in Little Rock, USA, to enforce desegregation in schools .

October 1957: The USSR's Sputnik I, the first space satellite, was launched. A major radiation leak occurred at the Windscale power station in Cumbria.

November 1957: The Russian dog, Laika, became the first in space aboard Sputnik II. The number one chart hit was 'That'll Be The Day' by 'The Crickets'. 'Mary's Boy Child', sung by Harry Belafonte, reached number one in the record charts.

December 1957: An air service between London and Moscow was inaugurated. An air service between London and Moscow was inaugurated. The Queen made her first, televised, Christmas broadcast.