1953 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1953:

January 1953: Derek Bentley was hanged after being convicted for murdering a policeman.

February 1953: Hurricane force winds,and high tides, caused havoc on the east coast of Britain, leaving many drowned, & thousands homeless. Sweets were taken 'Off Ration' in Britain.

March 1953: Joseph Stalin, the Soviet dictator, died. Dag Hammarskjold was elected as Secretary General of the UN.

April 1953: The Queen launched the royal yacht 'Britannia'. Winston Churchill was made a Knight of the Garter by the Queen. For the first time since its WW2 defeat, Japan was allowed self government.

May 1953: The Duke of Edinburgh gained his pilot's 'wings'. Road transport was denationalised in Britain.

June 1953: The summit of worlds tallest mountain, Everest, was reached for first time. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place. Soviet tanks were deployed against rioting East Germans.

July 1953: The British Steel Industry was de-nationalised. The Korean war came to an end, with the signing of the armistice.

August 1953: The Greek Ionian islands suffered a series of earthquakes. Widespread earthquakes struck the Greek Ionian islands, causing much damage. The USSR exploded a hydrogen bomb.

September 1953: The first ever Cinemascope film, The Robe, had its Hollywood premier. Sugar rationing in Britain came to an end.

November 1953: The Welsh poet Dylan Thomas died in New York aged 39 . The discovery of the Piltdown Man skull by Charles Dawson in Sussex, England, in 1912 was finally revealed as a hoax. Hungary beat England 6-3 at Wembley in London, the first ever foreign team to achieve an away win at the ground. At the Ambassador Theatre in London, Agatha Christie's long running play 'The Mousetrap' opened. The writer and nobel prize winner, Eugene O'Neill died in Boston USA.