1951 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1951:

January 1951: Chinese and North Korean troops captured Seoul, Korea.

April 1951: General MacArthur was relieved of command in the Far East, over Korea. Seventy-five people died when the British submarine Affray sank in the English Channel. The first 'Miss World' contest was held in London, as part of the Festival of Britain.

May 1951: King George VI opened the Festival of Britain. The BBC broadcast the first ever 'Goon Show' on the radio.

June 1951: The People's Party was founded in India. British diplomats Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess, two soviet spies, fled to the USSR.

July 1951: King Abdullah of Jordan was assassinated.

August 1951: The first 33rpm record was issued by a West German company, Deutsche Grammophon.

September 1951: Britains first supermarket opened in Earls Court, London. Maureen Connolly, Little Mo, became the youngest winner of the US Tennis Championships.

October 1951: The Conservative Party, led by Winston Churchill, won the General Election. In Britain, 'Zebra' crossings came into use for the first time.

November 1951: The car manufacturers Morris and Austin agreed to merge.