1950 T-Shirt

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Some historical events from 1950:

January 1950: George Orwell, the British author of '1984' & 'Animal Farm', died. India became a democratic republic within the Commonwealth.

February 1950: Britain held a General Election; the Labour Party won.

March 1950: Edgar Rice Burroughs the US novelist, author of the 'Tarzan' books, died.

May 1950: American General MacArthur became comander of the UN forces in Korea. Petrol rationing in Britain ended.

June 1950: The West turned down Soviet plans to reunify Germany. The White assembly decided to split South Africa into white & black areas. North Korean troops moved into South Korea. North Korean forces captured the city of Seoul. The US President allowed American troops to be deployed in Korea.

July 1950: American troops landed in South Korea. The first ever broadcast of the childrens programme 'Andy Pandy' was made. Sainsbury's opened Britains first self-service store.

August 1950: Steve Wozniak, cofounder Apple Computer, Born. Steve Wozniak, cofounder Apple Computer, Born. Live Television pictures were transmitted across the channel to France by the BBC for the first time.

September 1950: The first automatic telephone answering machine was tested by the US Bell Telephone Company.

October 1950: Legal Aid was introduced in Britain.

November 1950: George Bernard Shaw, the renowned playwright died, aged 94 .

December 1950: The Stone of Scone, the Scottish coronation stone, was stolen from Westminster Abbey by Scottish nationalists.