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littlelizzy 15/12/10
Brilliant design..even better that it is chocolate! Yummo!

magic_man 12/07/10
I like chocolate as much as this concept design.

dribbles 03/06/10
any chance of getting grey hoodies in??

stephensbrown 28/05/08
One for the bird I think!

hubbleboo 27/04/08
cool i love the idea about atoms and mollycules it''s very cleaver . x

acidfit 17/02/08
who thought of these!? theyre genius!

beyana 09/02/08
pretty great

xrobynx 01/02/08
omg i have to have this! itd be good if there was a brown hoodie

oroquelle 12/11/07
Mmm yes please!

happy now? 19/09/07
heck yes i love chocolate

gwenno_91 16/09/07
Woooow! I sooo want a hoodie with the chemical formula for chocolate!! mmm =]

cookie5 25/07/07
Mmmm... chocolate