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magic_man 10/10/10
great concept!

luli_lu_252 08/12/08
i wear my caffeine hoodie all the time. fantastic hangover clothing.

TreesAreGreen 15/06/08
Brilliant t-shirt, great for the coffee lover in your life

candacehess 27/04/08
tag line: nothing wakes you up in the morning like a steaming cup of C8H10N4O2

xrobynx 01/02/08
id have this one or the chocolate one i think

luli_lu_252 17/01/08
ahh it's such a goodlooking molecule. WANT this on a hoodie

stellarthought 14/01/08
As a future scientist I love these designs

luli_lu_252 09/12/07
fantastic! i can't live without this bitter alkaloid!

oroquelle 12/11/07
Unbelievably similar in chemical structure to the chocolate one!

Flenser 10/08/07
I think half the fun of these is that no-one (baring a few chemistry students!) will have any idea what the symbol refers to.

Dazzle1989 12/04/07
looks good, but if you wore that out, how many people would recognise the chemical structure and go, hey nice caffeine t? maybe have to word too, save explaining what your wearing to everyone.